PC Ntanghem, Bamenda: Parishioners rejoice as Minister Mbah Acha pays surprised visit

By Budi Ebala Nji

Christian faithful worshipping at the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon (PCC) Ntanghem in Bamenda, were surprised and taken aback as an uncommon august guest came to worship with them in their church on Sunday November 22.

The Minister Delegate at the Presidency in Charge of the Supreme State Audit Office, Rose Mbah Acha Formundam, a devoted PCC Christian, who was in the North West regional capital for the official launch of campaigns for the first-ever election of regional councillors in the country chose to begin her stay in the restive region by attending a worship service at the church.

The presence of such a high profile personality, though in her nature many say is a very humble person, transformed a solemn church service into a mega praise and worship sermon with women, men and children singing and thanking God for the life of their sister.

Members of her delegation were taken aback by the outburst of jubilation among Christians who least expected a member of government in their midst that morning. One of her delegation members could be heard telling the Minister that “home is really gold.”

As the parishioners were itchy to hear from their guest, Minister Acha was taken outside the Church and surrounded by the Christians with rapt attention. In a motherly manner, the Minister saluted them and said she was in town and decided to come worship with them. Some of the parishioners would have noticed from the security disposition around the church prior to her entry, she noted regretting that she would have loved to come without such, given the near return to normalcy in the town but protocol would not permit.

“I came in yesterday and called this my sister that I will like to come worship here today and she said there is no problem with coming to worship here today. I have come and learned that you have a rally so I am supporting the rally with this small envelop and this other envelop is to help you water the field and lessen the dust,” she said while handing the envelopes. The church elder who collected the envelopes thanked the Minister and in chorus the parishioners prayed that the Lord God should not only replenish her resources but continue to bless her in health and protection. The lady said the Minister’s dazzling looks shows the glory of God in her life and that God shall continue to move her up to go higher and higher.

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