CAMTEL illuminates maiden Wimbum Sports, Cultural Jamboree in Bafoussam

By NewsWatch Sports Writer

The maiden edition of the Wimbum Sports and Cultural Jamboree drew its curtains on Sunday December 3 in Bafoussam, in the West region of the country thanks to the illumine participation of incumbent telecom company, Cameroon Telecommunications, (CAMTEL).

Activities of the first-ever national sports and cultural celebration of the Wimbum people that spanned November 30 to December 3, were chaired by Apostle Rogers Nforgwei, President General of the Wimbum Cultural and Development Association (WICUDA). This was in the presence of some traditional authorities from the Wimbum land.

Carrefour FC of Nkambe crowned champions celebrating victory

The West Regional Head of CAMTEL Ajah Enongene represented the General Manager of state-owned telco at the event. The Wimbum tribe is a prominent ethnic group in the Donga Mantung division of the North West region. They primarily speak Limbum as their native language.

The closing activities of the four-day festival were marked by a cultural evening at the Bafoussam City council multipurpose hall with the cultural diversity, culinary arts, arts and craft and beauty of Wimbum people on the spotlight. The finals of the WICUDA National Football Tournament crowned the event.

Thrilling football encounter

It was legendary former South African President, Nelson Mandela who said: “Sport has the power to change the world…It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does”. This was very visible in Bafoussam as over 3,000 Wimbum sons and daughters gathered at the Bamendzi Stadium to watch the sensational football finals that marked the end of the four-day Sports and Cultural Jamboree.

WICUDA President General, Apostle Rogers Nforgwei giving kickoff of the finals. Photo: The Voice of Donga-Mantung

At the end of the thrilling encounter, Carrefour FC of Nkambe emerged winners, edging Kfusa FC of Douala 6-5 following a tie-breaking penalty shootout after both teams drew 1-1 at regular playing time.

Besides the Wimbum traditional rulers and elite who were present to watch the match in Bafoussam, the electrifying finals of the soccer tournament that started several months ago was also watched by the coach of the U-20 National Football Team as well as some officials of the National Football Academy (ANAFOOT).

CAMTEL praised for sponsorship

CAMTEL's participation was marked by a special decor of the Bamendzi Stadium via her multiple blue banners and proximity exhibition stands erected on every corner of the pitch. In a highly remarkable and applauded gesture, CAMTEL distributed hundreds of its BLUE mark gadgets and SIM cards to those who turned out for the game.

Some fans at the WICUDA National Tournament at the Bamendzi Stadium in Bafoussam

In addition to the gadgets, the company is said to have doled out the sum of FCFA 3 million to the organisers as part of the sponsorship package. Organisers and fans were happy with the sponsorship. This was demonstrated through speeches and songs of praise at the event ground by fans who were mainly cloud in BLUE T- shirts.

“I want to say a big thank you to CAMTEL for the magnificent support,” the WICUDA President General said at the end of the football encounter. And like Oliver Twist, he said “we long for more”.

To the representative of the General Manager of CAMTEL, the event was “magnificent, with lots of exciting moments”. Ajah Enongene “we are glad for the wonderful partnership existing between CAMTEL and WICUDA…we pray it keeps growing for a better tomorrow”

Soccer talents detected

Speaking to the press, a very elated WICUDA President General said he was happy for the remarkable success of the maiden edition of the Sports and Cultural Jamboree. He particularly praised the football talents of the rising Wimbum soccer players.

Apostle Rogers Nforgwei said the association he heads is now counting on partners like ANAFOOT and the trainers from one of the junior national teams “to help build a good career for the young players.”

CAMTEL-dressed hostesses with carrying medals

The event was an ideal platform to compensate the best Wimbum artists out of the 31 present, as well as award special prizes to the best cultural dance groups among the seven.

“The objective of the event was to keep away the youths from idleness and trouble. Reason why we took advantage of the grand championship to have a one-on-one talk with many of these youths”, Nforgwei explained. He said during the one-on-one talks, they advised the young people on the importance of developing their minds and giving value to themselves.

The WICUDA President General acknowledged that the success registered would not have been possible if the Organising Committee did not burn the midnight candle.

“I want to extend my sincere gratitude to the incredible members of the organizing committee for their resilience and sacrifice", he said.

Miss WICUDA 2023 and her two dauphins

List of champions of the maiden WICUDA Sports and Cultural Jamboree

1. Football Champions: Carrefour FC of Nkambe
2. Vice Champions: Kfusa FC of Douala
3. Best Player of the tournament: Adamu Malvin of Carrefour FC
4. Highest Goal Scorer: Yinyu Abdurahaman of Kfusa FC (5goals)
5. Best Goalkeeper of the tournament: Mbuli Bernard of Carrefour FC of Nkambe
6. Youngest player of the tournament: Nfor Yispel of City Birds FC of Buea
7. Man of the match (finals): Tata Valentine of Carrefour FC of Nkambe
8. Best traditional dance group: Reformation Kup of Nkambe
9. Best Traditional designer: Njamshie Yvette from Nkambe
10. Best Modern designer: Yerim’s fashion from Limbe (Southwest Pool)
11. Art and Craft: Awo Gerard from Nkambe
12. Cultural/Religious music: Mimido from Buea (Southwest pool)
13. Postmodern music (RnB/HipHop): Jesse Chris
14. Ethics/Morality: Mr Age from Douala Pool
15. Comedy: Eziano DC from Bamenda Pool
16. Best overall female artist: Precious Light from Bafoussam (West pool)
17. Best overall male artist: VINO from Bamenda Pool
18. Miss WICUDA General 2023: Miss Talla Stella from Yaounde branch
19. 1st Dauphin: Miss Shei Scarlet from Ndu Pool
20. 2nd Dauphin: Miss Shey Kelly from Southwest Pool
21. Master WICUDA General 2023: Tata Godknows from Bafoussam (West pool)

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