George Ewane appointed Major National Dialogue spokesman

By Ndi Eugene Ndi

Since he was replaced as state house correspondent in June last year, George Ewane has not been on the spotlight. He has been working as Technical Adviser to the General Manager of the Cameroon Radio Television – a position popular opinion described as ‘a garage.’

His appointment last September 25 as spokesman of the Major National Dialogue has been considered by many as a rebound of the man who spent close to two decades reporting on the President and state affairs.

Observers even went as far as describing Ewane, who is also a University Don as a square peg in a square hole.

Award-winning journalist and PhD student in Political Science and International Relations, Atia Tilarious Azohnwi described the spokesman of the Major National Dialogue as the best fit for the job.

“He masters the workings of the presidency and as well has a grasp of what the Anglophone problem is. He is a language lecturer and long serving journalist. He knows just how important communication is in times as these,” Atia said.

Nonetheless, his critics were quick to retort, saying that a man who has been reporting the president will not be impartial in handling the peace talks. Many recall he had once compared the coming to power of President Biya in 1982 and the birth of the New Deal to the birth of Jesus Christ.

Meet George Ewane

Dr. George Ewane Ngide is a veteran journalist and a University Don. He had for close to two decades been reporting the activities of the President of the Republic on CRTV Radio and Television before his appointment last year as Technical Adviser to the General Manager of the corporation.

As Director of Presidential coverage at CRTV, Ewane besides reporting the activities of the President of the Republic also controlled a team of over 30 reporters, technicians and others involved in the coverage of the activities of the President’s activities, the president of the national assembly, the prime minister , and the first lady . He assigned reporters to cover events related to the aforementioned personalities.

He also anchored the 7:30pm News on television as well as produced magazines including state house flagship programme, ‘Inside the Presidency’.

The PhD holder is also a senior lecturer at the University of Yaoundé I where he teaches British Literature to undergraduate and postgraduate students in the departments of English and Bilingual Studies.

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